By Carla Bass – City Editor

beekeepersCollin’s Academy, Port Jefferson History and Nature Center, along with wildlife biologist Rob­ert “Bob” Haynes and Marnie Erin, scientist and plant ecologist, have been “busy as bees” getting the first of several planned Bee Stations off the ground. The initial one has now been prepared for public viewing.

The installation is near where many of the wild­flower beds have been planted. It is located near the first curve of the na­ture trail. The bees are located in an enclosure behind the protective barrier, but there is pas­sageway connecting it to the see-through viewing station.

There is an open front, covered by protective plexi-glass which en­ables the viewer to see exactly what is taking place inside of the hive.

Ten frames of synthetic “starter comb” were moved from the hive to the enclosure, covered with the bees after being “smoked” to keep them calm. They were moved by Bob and Marnie around to the viewable portion of the hive.

There, visitors can watch the bees actively producing the waxy substance called honey comb where the honey is stored they produce. It will be harvested from the hive on a regular basis.

Inside the hive is an Italian Queen, which is a less aggressive type of honeybee.

Later there will be…

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