Weekly Devotional – June 8, 2017

Faithlifts: An Opportunity  for Grace

Rev. Dr. HokeJesus and the disciples were on their way to a festival at the Jerusalem temple. They passed by a man born blind and they asked Jesus whose fault it was. (John 9) They took it for grant­ed the man’s blindness was because of sin – his parents or his own. All they were un­sure about was, “which was it, theirs or his?” Jesus said it was neither. It seems obvious that not all suffering is punishment or all disability payback for misdeeds. But Jesus didn’t say that. Instead, he said, the man’s problem was an opportunity for the display of God’s grace.

We’ve seen, even been a part of, the display of grace Jesus was anticipating. During the bombing in London numerous people did not run away. Instead they moved to assist the injured. We’ve witnessed the loveliness of people bringing help to flood victims. COMAC’s backpack program graciously provides food for school children. The Lions Club graciously provides benevolences. The Rotary Club International has almost eradicated polio worldwide. The Masons provide corrective surgery for children. Ronald Mc­Donald House collection boxes on the counter provide housing to help families cope with health trauma. The display of God honor­ing graciousness is around us. There is, in my opinion, another opportunity overlooked.

After watching the House of Representatives pass the Ameri­can Health Care Act to replace the Affordable Health Care Law, I was reminded of some “down-home” wisdom. “Learn to drive the tractor, before you shoot the horse!” For sure there is plenty of aversion to “Obamacare.” But the apparent rushing, stum­bling, bumbling and controversy just to get the AHCA through the House, doesn’t bode well for assuming the Representatives really know what would work better than what we had.

One troubling aspect is how the bill will allow the health insur­ance companies to charge more for health care to people who are really sick in order to reduced health care cost for the healthy people. It’s always a temptation to value a financial markdown. But to build such a concession for the young and healthy into na­tional health care law is to build upon the uncertain premise that good health will stay that way. Some illnesses are preventable, many are not.

We know the finance model..

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