Strength and Conditioning Camp at JHS

Antwain Jimmerson

Athletic Director JISD

The Jefferson Bulldogs will host a strength and condition­ing camp Monday-Thursday, June 5-July 21, 2017, at the athletic fieldhouse at the high school. Jefferson ISD Strength & Conditioning Coordinator is Coach Michael Downs will be monitoring and overseeing the activity. The camp is for all Jefferson Independent School District students. The week of July 3rd, camp will not be in session. Also, the camp is free for all JISD students.

Run by the Jefferson coach­ing staff, this program is de­signed to give our athletes the opportunity to gain a competi­tive edge through strength and conditioning. All athletes will benefit from this program and are encouraged to attend.

Every athlete will partici­pate in a dynamic warm-up to develop joint stability and flex­ibility, as well as balance, coor­dination, and body awareness. This will be done before mov­ing into the weight room for strength training or for speed, agility, and quickness develop­ment stations.

Each of these developmental sessions will last approximate­ly 45 minutes.

The Summer Training Pro­gram is voluntary and does not guarantee a position or place on a team. Players will be di­vided into groups according to age and position.

Emphasis for younger camp­ers (this does include elemen­tary and middle school) is ba­sic development which will be a big asset in the avoidance of injuries and an intermediate to advanced drills for older camp­ers to prepare them for compe­tition.

“By exposing our campers to proper techniques and drills, we hope to instill a burning desire to become great ath­letes,” Downs said. “And we’ll definitely have lots of fun in the process.”

Athletes Schedule…

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