It’s Like This By Bob Palmer


KATHY GRIFFIN has managed to make herself famous. She will go into history books alongside Jane Fonda and Mike Dukakis as practitioners of tasteless/ill advised photo ops.


While Fonda manning a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun bordered on treasonous and Dukakis’ ride on an Army tank looked ridiculous, Griffin posing with the image of Donald Trump’s severed head convicts her of the greatest crime a comedian can commit.


She failed to be funny.


WARNING: Those wishing to blast Griffin for the severed head stunt, should also have lashed out at those who displayed photos depicting a lynched Obama.

Objections to gratuitous violence and respect for the POTUS are not subject to party.


YOU HAVE TO laugh at Russian President Vladimir Putin. Vlad now says it was patriotic Russians acting on their own who attempted to disrupt and manipulate the recent US election.


Come on. We’ve heard this before.


Stalin said Soviet pilots fighting against UN forces in Korean War were just volunteers who wanted to help their North Korean friends and not the actions of the Soviet government.

Yeah. Right…

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