Fuquay awarded Scottish Rite Scholarship

Legacy ScholarshipTexas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children former patient, Taylor Fuquay, of Marshall, Texas, has been selected as a first-time scholarship recipient of the Legacy Scholarship Pro­gram. Taylor attended Jefferson High School and will use her award to pursue higher educa­tion at Texas A&M University. Whoop!

On Friday, May 19, 2017, Leg­acy Scholarship board mem­bers, as well as patient families and friends, will gather at Scot­tish Rite Hospital in Dallas to honor the 22 first-time Legacy Scholarship recipients during an awards ceremony and lun­cheon. In addition to the first-time recipients, 19 former Legacy Scholarship recipients, who graduate this year from colleges and universities across the country, will be honored for their achievements in a gradu­ation ceremony.

“We’re proud of the deter­mination and excellence these young people have demon­strated throughout high school, and we’re happy to contribute to the continuation of their education with a Legacy Schol­arship award,” said Gladys Ko­lenovsky, president of the Leg­acy Scholarship Program. “The Legacy Scholarship Program fully invests in its scholarship recipients. Beyond awarding the scholarships, we stay con­nected with our Legacy Schol­ars and mentor them through­out their continuing education process. Our Legacy Scholars are uniquely successful at at­taining their education goals. In fact, they have a 95 percent graduation rate.”

Since the Legacy Scholar­ship Program was established in 1986, it has awarded more than $3.7 million in scholar­ships to more than 2,400 for­mer Scottish Rite Hospital pa­tients. This year, 109 scholars, including the 22 first-time re­cipients, will receive more than $250,000 in scholarships from the program.

The Legacy Scholarship Pro­gram is an independent non­profit organization respon­sible for its own governance and fundraising. The program, which benefits former Scottish Rite Hospital patients, pro­vides scholarships for educa­tion and training beyond high school. Legacy Scholarships offer assistance for essentials such as tuition, books, room and board, and specialized in­dividual needs. In addition, the scholarship program creates an informal network…

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