Weekly Devotional | May 18, 2017

Dealing with adult children God’s way

rev A certain man had two sons. The older was 21 and the younger 18; both millennials.

One day the younger son took his father up on a previ­ous promise. He requested all of his inheritance be given at once since he was 18 now. No argument took place. The fa­ther honored the request of his young son and gave him his inheritance. As soon as he turned his inheritance into money, the son “hit the road”.

The father sent a servant to follow him. Instructions to the ser­vant were to refresh the young son with money whenever need­ed but keep it on the down low. Within a short period of time, all the young son’s money was gone due to the lavish lifestyle he pursued. He lived “high on the hog”.

The servant rescued the young son time after time after time. Until one day, the servant realized he had no more money to give. So he returns to report to the father.

While the servant returned, the young son ran out of money. “What do I do?” thought the son, realizing no one is there to re­plenish the funds and reinforce bad decisions.

Back home after hearing the servant’s report…

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