It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Different view presented
Some years ago, I received the following letter. I came across it again last Sunday, Mother’s Day. The paper I was working for at the time had printed several letters on the still touchy subject of abortion. I doubt if we will ever achieve a consensus, but this young lady brought a fresh perspective.

Dear Mr. Palmer,
In reference to the letter recently printed in your column, signed “A Concerned Mother,” I felt compelled to write. I am 17 years old high school senior. I have very strong feelings concerning abortion; how¬ever, I do not want this to come across as a negative point of view. I simply would like to share with others a different perspective on teen pregnancy.

In the letter, the mother’s re¬sponse was that she and her family had prayed to God regarding the decision to have her daughter end her pregnancy in abortion, that this was the best alternative due to the age of this young girl and boy. I know that God forgives us all of our sins and he will forgive the millions of young girls that have an abortion each year, if all we do is sincerely ask.

My story has a different outcome…

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