BATTLE ‘WON’ More than 500 re-enactors encamp in historic district during ‘Battle for Jefferson’

Good weather and happy re­turns were the order for Pilgrim­age weekend and more than 500 reenactors turned out for the 2017 edition of the Jeffersonian Institute’s “Battle for Jefferson.”

Guests from six states descend­ed upon Jefferson’s historic dis­trict, turning the neighborhoods into a living vignette of the 1860’s and the pasture at Bob and Kim­mie Sanders’ Cypress River Ranch into a bloodless battlefield.

“There was certainly noth­ing to complain or worry about weather-wise this year,” said “Battle” event coordinator Char­lie Chitwood. “Our Living History segment Friday morning at Lions’ Park for the local schoolchildren went without a hitch and was just a precursor to a fine weekend.”

The “fine weekend” translated into promising attendance at the Cypress River Ranch battlefield as well. Saturday’s spectator audience was the largest since the event moved to the Sanders’ property in 2014.

“We ran out of “battlefield radi­os” but not spectators,” Chitwood added. “Billy McCaskill, who came up with the naval re-enactors, was awesome during the broad­cast and did a great job explaining some of the finer points related to the life of a soldier or sailor dur­ing the American Civil War and as well some of the battlefield tactics. He’s a retired Lt. Colonel with service in Bosnia and Iraq as well as duties at the Pentagon. Suffice it to say, he was qualified to help us answer the dozens of questions people texted to us during each battle.”

The ebb-and-flow of the event went as smoothly as it did thanks to the dozens of volunteers that pitched in time and talent and a similar number of supporters who contributed funds.

“It’s a large undertaking at a busy time of year, but we work…


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