Perot wins another term on City Council

By Darla Higgins

Jimplecute Staff Writer

PerotVictor Perot, the incumbent alderman for the Jefferson City Council in Ward 3, won his bid for re-election on Saturday.

A total of 77 people voted in the election, 67 of whom took advantage of early voting. Perot defeated candidate Tosha Moore by a vote of 56 to 21.

“I thank all of my supporters and the people who came out to vote,” Perot said. “It was a pretty low turnout, but it was a hugely busy week­end with Pilgrimage. I couldn’t be more proud to continue to serve Ward 3.”

MooreMoore congratulated Perot for winning and also said she ap­preciated those who voted for her.

“My fight for the community isn’t over,” she added. “I was hop­ing that the citizens would have chosen a candidate that isn’t tourist-focused and more focused on the local community’s needs and as­suring that the whole ward is rep­resented fairly. Down to what ar­eas of Ward 3 will benefit from the new water lines and sew­age, not just the historic down­town part of Ward 3. So I look forward to assuring our voices are heard.”

Perot also mentioned…

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