Marion County Jail Report

Rollan Ray Baker, Jefferson, 59, charged with driving while intoxicated/open alcohol container. Released on $1,500 bond.

Kenneth Wayne Crumpton, Longview, 59, charged with assault causing bodily injury/family violence. Released on $2,500 bond.

Chance Alexander Galbreth, Jefferson, 18, charged with three counts of delivery of a controlled substance or marijuana to a minor. Held on undisclosed bond.

Jason Ray Gilmore, Avinger, 40, charged with tampering/fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair. Held on undisclosed bond.

Charleana C. Hamm, Jefferson, 42, charged with driving while intoxicated. Released on $1,500 bond.

William Shane Hampton, Linden, 40, charged with criminal nonsupport/failure to appear. Released on $6,500 bond.

James Edward Mayfield, Marshall, 28, charged with public intoxication. Fined $1,306.


Daven Michael Ray, Jefferson, 21, charged with tampering with a witness and violating bond/protective order. Held on undisclosed bond.

Cannon Holt Tuck, Avinger, 24, charged with terroristic threat causing fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Held on $1,500 bond.

John Curtis Wall, Jefferson, 36, charged with two counts of terroristic threat of family/household member and criminal mischief ranging from $30,000 to $150,000. Released on $35,000 bond.

Steven Colt Warren, Jefferson, 28, charged with possession of a controlled substance less than 1 gram, possession of marijuana less than 2 ounces and two counts of unlawfully carrying weapon. Released on $16,500 bond.

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