History Moment By William “Doc” Halliday

Kent State Shootings
KEntBy May of 1970 I was no longer serving in the United States Army. I had voluntarily served multiple tours in Southeast Asia and had also served in East Germany. Many of my fellow United States citizens were against the commitment of United States troops in what was called the Vietnam War. Notable among those who were against the war were college students. Their attitude was undoubtably affected by their being subject to the draft. Those individuals that were drafted could be sent to a combat unit and might become a casualty. Fear can be very motivating.


As the war intensified during the 1960s, and casualties mounted, more and more Americans voiced their opposition to the war. When the Tet Offensive took place in 1968, the opposition to the war increased vastly; particularly among college students who were seeing friends brought home in caskets. The first protests against the war didn’t occur in the 1960s. The very first protest took place in 1945 by United States Merchant Marine sailors who protested the recolonization of Vietnam.


In December of 1969 the draft process itself was changed drastically. The draft was changed to a lottery…

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