Weekly Devotional | April 20, 2017

Praying For Our New President


Clint DeckerClay Center, Kansas – I be­lieve in the importance and power of prayer. Very few times in my life have I had someone refuse it. Mostly, whether they were religious or not they seemed to welcome prayer. Elected officials are among those. I have heard of some who were extremely grateful that people were praying for them. During President Obama’s administration I was one of probably hundreds of thousands that regularly prayed for him. I plan to do the same for President Trump as well.

While reading my Bible I came across a story that highlighted the value of prayer at the highest levels of government. It took place in the transition of power from David, King of Israel, to his son Solomon who would succeed him. In the midst of this, King David offered a public prayer for his country.

He prayed for his people saying to God, “. . . direct their hearts toward you” (1 Chronicles 29:18). The old, wise King knew who was really over the affairs of his country – God. Therefore, he prayed that the affections of the people would first and foremost be toward Him. This is something we can learn from. If our hearts are bent chiefly toward a political party or ideology then we are on a crooked path to an eventual downfall. However, if we fix our eyes straight ahead and walk according to God’s purposes, the foundation of our nation will be made secure.

He also prayed for the new King saying to God, “. . .

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