It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

To arms
Funny – okay, not ha-ha funny, but perversely ironic – how an event not strictly related to an issue can shape one’s thinking.


One hundred years ago the United States stumbled into World War I against Germany over insults to our national honor both real and perceived. The sinking of the Lusitania serves as a case in point.
More than 100 US citizens died in the U-Boat attack outraging the nation. Ignoring the fact the ship flew a British flag and carried war supplies to the Allies, we moved a step closer to war.


The shooting last week at a San Bernadino, Calif. elementary school had a similar impact on me.

An angry husband killed his wife who taught at the school and the child standing next to her. He then took his own life.


It seems unlikely any of the enhanced security measures under discussion by many of our public school would have altered these tragic events. Even metal detectors probably would be a futile gesture. The school secretary recognizing the husband of one of her teachers would most likely have waved the man through.

Yet, I wonder how many of you, like me, have had your view of arming teachers and public school staff members tilted by this seemingly unrelated event.


Colleges and schools are not the places for guns. The pursuit of knowledge should be free of fear and restraint. This very “ivory tower” existence is seen, however, as a target by those for either political or psychological reasons seek to destroy it.


After Columbine, Sandy Hook and now San Bernadino, we can no long say, “It can’t happen here.” Just as Americans a century ago thought two oceans were enough to protect them from war, we can not expect our innocence to shield us.


One concern I have heard mentioned from several quarters is the police response time to a campus emergency particularly at some of our rural schools.

Last week the Jefferson, Tex. ISD board took action…

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