Marion County Jail Report

Darrell Lynn Anderson, Gilmer, 52, charged with driving while intoxicated, third or more. Bond amount not stated.

John Wesley Adam Brents, Vivian, 34, charged with striking fixture or highway landscaping. Released on $1,500 bond.

James Paul Daily, Harelton, 32, charged with assault causing bodily injury/family violence. Released on $3,000 bond.

Madison Avery Garrison, Avinger, 19, charted with assault causing bodily injury/family violence. Held on bond totaling $2,500.

Don Walter Grant, Jefferson, 39, charged with assault of a family/ house member impeding breath or circulation and terroristic threat against a public servant. Released on $12,500 bond.

Marc Allen High, Avinger, 47, charged with obstruction or retaliation. Released on $20,000 bond.

Michelle McClure, Jefferson, 34, charged with abandoning or endangering a child/imminent danger bodily injury. Bond amount not stated.

Seth Michael McGregor, Jefferson, 22, charged with driving while intoxicated. Released on $1,500 bond.

Jose Luis Mendosa-Ramirez, Jefferson, 37, charged with driving while intoxicated. Released on $5,000 bond.

Curtis Brinda Rabb, Avinger, 54, charged with stalking, terroristic threat causing fear of imminent injury. Held on bond totaling $23,000.

Robert Lee Runyon, Kilgore, 24, charged with assault of a family/ household member with previous conviction, assault of a family/house member impeding breath or circulation and assault causing bodily injury/family violence. Bond amount not stated.

Marleane Monnette Sims, Irving, 53, charged with two Class C misdemeanors. Bond amount not stated.

Michael Donald Takhvar, Marshall, 44, commitment. Bond amount not stated.

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