iTOUR USA is now taking Sponsor Registrations

Kelly Schilling – City of Jefferson Tourism & Marketing Director
Several weeks ago, the inclusion of Jefferson with iTOUR USA was announced in the Jimplecute. They are now taking registrations for your historical site or building to be included on their tours.

As you may or may not be aware, Jefferson was recently awarded the title of the first in Texas to use iTOUR USA Interactive Historical Site Markers. iTOUR USA is based out of Louisiana and the Lt. Governor recently announced that the state will be using these site markers. We are thrilled they chose Jefferson to begin their expansion into Texas.

iTOUR USA is here to help get the word out about your location. And…at no cost to you. You heard right. There’s absolutely no cost to become an iTOUR USA Site Sponsor. How does that work?

Simply put, a Sponsor agrees to place the site marker sign on the premises to alert visitor to your participating in our program. Visitors will be able to scan the site marker with any mobile device using any QR code scanner app and begin their adventure. Self-guided tours are becoming very popular and this helps bring the past to life. They will then be exposed to audio clips, informational videos, photos, or take a 360-degree tour as designed by the historical site representative. How wonderful to be able to see what once “was” in a photo while starring at what currently “is”, all while standing in the exact location where it took place so many years ago. This is the perfect way to integrate the past and present. The end result? A wonderfully exciting and thorough touring experience for the entire family!



The best part….the historical site markers are FREE for any historical location or building. If you are interested in obtaining a free site marker please follow these simple steps.


• Go to


• On the left-hand side click on Become a Site Sponsor


• In the middle of the page there is a white bar that says Click Here and Apply to Become
an iTOUR USA Site Sponsor


• Complete the form and hit submit


• Within 2 days you will receive an email setting up the rest of your account


• A sign will be mailed to you with your unique QR Code


• Hang your sign at your location


Kelly added…

(To continue reading this article, please contact us today for a print or email subscription to the Jefferson Jimplecute! — (903) 665-2462, JIMPLECUTE1848@GMAIL.COM)

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