One man’s trash is a metal detector’s ‘beep, beep, beep’

By Darla Higgins
Jimplecute Staff Writer
Diamond Don

A sold-out crowd searched for buried treasure – and often found some – at Diamond Don’s RV Park last weekend.

The Charles Garrett Memorial Detecting Hunt attracted lots of visitors from outside the area, says event organizer Don Rainey.

“It was unbelievable,” he adds. “This kind of thing really puts Jefferson on the map. You would not believe how much they enjoyed the friendly people of Jefferson.”

Participants took part in six different hunts, including “free range” searching and a contest for the best finds.

Tokens were hidden in each hunt area, which resulted in a giveaway of $50,000 in prizes, Rainey says.

The event, held in partnership with the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs, honors the late Charles Garrett. His name may not be well-known, but his products are.

“When you go through the airport, that thing you walk through? Garrett makes it,” Rainey says.

Each person who took part in the hunt was offered free tent camping in the park.

Because part of the property was the city dump for more than 100 years, artifacts dating
back to the 1800s have been found.

“I have 200 acres for them to play on,” Rainey says. “People said it’s impossible to find someone like me, who owns the dump.”

That could be one reason why the event was so popular, he says, adding, “I packed the hotels and I packed the restaurants from here to Marshall.”

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