Movie Review | “Ghost In The Shell” – 2017

by Mica Wilhite

Ghost_in_the_Shell_(2017_film).png“Ghost In The Shell” is the visually spectacular live ac­tion animation film based on the popular Japanese comic series first published in 1989. Mira Killian, played by Scar­lett Johansson, falls back off skyscrapers and leaps through glass windows as “she” carries out the anti-terrorism bureau’s orders it is tasked with.

“Nude but not nude” is how Johansson would describe her character’s superhero cos­tume.

Killian’s costume, along with her awkward robotic stride, certainly compels one’s atten­tion, no doubt as director Ru­pert Sanders intended. But the stunning cinematography of this film also captivates audi­ence members as the comput­er-generated effects and set production meld seamlessly together to create an absorbing cinematic experience.

Killian is a cyborg created from a female human brain and a machine body struggling to make sense of its identity when it is essentially genderless and “identity-less.” As the story pro­gresses, Killian, also referred to as Major once she achieves that rank in the bureau, sees flashbacks and images from her memory that beckon her to discover her past.

“Everyone around me feels connected to something,” she says and the human story in this film is the blurred line be­tween man and machine.

For all of the film’s achieve­ments, Sanders, with only one other major motion film under his belt, allows the story to be obscured and dumbed down for audiences. It’s as if the production team was so busy creating beautiful graphics and set, that they forgot to really tell the story of Killian and stay focused on her struggle to find out who she is.

“Ghost In The Shell” (106 minutes) is showing at the Marshall Cinema with a PG-13 rating for violence, suggestive and disturbing content. Call (903) 935-5662 or visit www. for a full list of show times. Then plan to see it soon and consider ex­actly what is it that makes you human.

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