JJ HS National Honor Society; “Kick Butts” at Lions Club City Park


Carla Bass- City Editor

Students 1Jefferson Junior High Na­tional Honor Society along with Teen Ambassador for “Say What”, Jasmine Bryson, gloved up, got their red flags and Zi­plock bags going to work pick­ing up cigarette butts around the playground corner of Lions Club City Park.

Students 2Each place a filter was picked up, they placed a red flag into the ground.

The purpose is to raise awareness of both littering and anti-smoking.

“In today’s society it is passed along as normal for people to be smoking. Let’s come together and stop this, let’s all become TOBACCO FREE!” exclaimed NJHS President, Stone Parker.

Students 3Jasmine expressed, ”I am passionate about tobacco pre­vention, because I hate to see people lose their lives from something that’s 100 percent preventable. I really enjoy be­ing a Teen Ambassador be­cause I get to travel across Texas and meet people with the same passions and views as me. I most recently attended and presented at a Say What! Action Summit in Henderson, TX on April 1st. I thoroughly enjoyed spreading information on a topic that I’m strongly pas­sionate about. I informed youth and adults about the financial risks of tobacco addiction, the Tobacco 21 Campaign, the con­sequences of addiction, and about the importance of tobac­co free ordinances and laws.”

JJJHS has a very active Junior National Honor Society and complete community service projects and put in hours of service the same as their JHS counterparts.

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