It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

A new adventure

An e-mail notified me Mahad wanted to visit. You don’t have to be psychic to figure this fellow is not from Northeast Texas or Southwest Arkansas. I never thought, however, he would hail from some place I had never heard of before.

Recently, I started a new career as a tutor. A friend clued me about the web site Wyzant which links students and tutors in specified fields.

I listed proofreading, editing, writing, American history, world history, public speaking and religion among my areas of expertise. I figured this was not the time to be modest.

Mahad wanted help with a paper, prepared for a graduate school course, he hopes to see published by a prestigious magazine.

My “student” comes from a little country on the Horn of Africa, Djibouti. English is certainly not his native tongue. The errors were the ones you would expect. He would use a form of a word, but not exactly the right word. The fixes were pretty easy.

I found his subject fascinating, however. Mahad explored the war between Saudi Arabia and rebels in Yemen. As a native of the region, Mahad gave an extensive history of Yemen as well as background on the current struggle.

Mahad, who now lives in Colorado, argues the Saudis have the wrong ally and the wrong tactics. Since Saudi airpower alone will not be enough to defeat rebels hiding in the mountains and forces from South Yemen lack the will to win, the time has come to make a deal with the North.

I had a delightful evening kicking this subject around with Mahad while repairing a few damaged sentences.

A panic call from Bassam in California interrupted…

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