Letter to the Editor |March 30, 2017

I was fortunate. I grew up with loving parents in a happy and secure home. For this, I am very grateful. But many others are not that fortunate. Many children do not have that opportuni­ty. Through no fault of their own, they are living in situations of abuse and neglect. They are removed from these homes by Child Protective Services for their own protection and given a chance to thrive. This month is Child Abuse and Neglect Aware­ness Month. Please be mindful of this, whether you had a loving, safe home, or if you or someone you know has struggled from abuse or neglect.

A blue ribbon balloon release and short ceremony will be held at 12 noon, Friday, April 7, in front of the Marion County court­house. Please come and demonstrate your concern for these families. We have over 26 children now placed in foster care.

Karen Gleason

Marion County Child Welfare Board

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