It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

60 days

Okay. Color me foolish. I had hoped for something more.

The antipathy permeating almost every aspect of our lives lingers long after the election has gone. Issues still divide the country. The Grand Canyon separating left and right refuses to be bridged.

In the two months of Donald Trump’s presidency we witnessed a seemingly endless stream of “in your face” rhetoric over cabinet nominations, legislative proposals, executive orders and presidential tweets.

Certainly, the “loyal opposition” has a right, or even an obligation, to challenge the efforts of the party in power. What we have witnessed, however, appears in excess of their charter.

Zealous Democrats attempt to paint Trump as a flawed and failed president before he even had time to find the rest rooms in the White House.

In their obstructionism, Democrats try to not just craft legislation more to their liking or confirm a Supreme Court justice they would prefer. Democratic leaders in D.C. seem bent on making Trump not succeed which in turn makes my country fall short. I have a problem with that attitude.

Trump has made a wide variety of proposals from a halt…

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