A Texas historical marker honors Mims Chapel United Methodist Church.
Many current members are kin to the church’s past.
A legendary rock has long guarded this site.
O Symbolic Sentry! Your constant vigil will Always last.
This serene country setting is nestled among the trees
Which echo the tower’s pealing chimes.
Inside the churchyard cemetery
Old monuments record earlier times.
Come, worship in the Sunday service –
Its processional leads with folks standing and singing –
Pews are packed with smiling faces and loving embraces –
Joyful hymns are lifted while The bells are ringing!
Stained windows’ bright colors cast a reverent mood
On a sanctuary filled by the Holy Spirit above.
Kneeling together in communion at the altar
Mims Chapel worshipers are bonded in Christian love!
Amen! and Amen!

Dona Julian Cassel
Dedicated to Mims Chapel United Methodist Church
Avinger, Texas, February 12, 2017

This poem written by retired teacher and poet Dona Cassel to honor Mims Chapel United Methodist Church. Ms. Cassel was so moved while visiting Mims Chapel in January 2017, with the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows; she was inspired to write the poem, “Bonded.”

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