PINEYWOOD CATTLE COMPANY Joins Membership of American Angus Association

Pineywood Cattle Co., Jefferson, Texas, is a new member of the American Angus Association®, reports Allen Moczygemba, CEO of the national breed organization headquartered in Saint Joseph, Mo. Pineywood Cattle Company is better known to most of the county locals as Jered and Joni (McNeely) Lee.

Amber Wahlgren, communications assistant informed, “The American Angus Association, with more than 25,000 active adult and junior members, is the largest beef breed association in the world. Its computerized records include detailed information on over 18 million registered Angus.”


The Association records ancestral information and keeps production records and genomic data on individual animals to develop industry-leading selection tools for its members. The programs and services of the Association and its entities — Angus Genetics Inc., Angus Productions Inc., Certified Angus Beef LLC and the Angus Foundation — help members to advance the beef cattle business by selecting the best animals for their herds and marketing quality genetics for the beef cattle industry and quality beef for consumers.
Joni Lee added to the basic information provided by the Angus Association, stating, “In August of 2015 we started a partnership with Gene and Kay Lee (Gered’s parents) forming Pineywood Cattle Co. We bought 11 registered cows from Cox Ranch in Omaha, TX. We now have between 40-50 head of cattle total, 9 of those are a separate commercial herd that we plan to use for recipient cows to expand our registered herd.”


“A recipient cow is basically a “surrogate mother” cow.” She went on to explain. “We have one currently being prepped for an embryo transplant. They will implant a fertile embryo from registered stock. The embryo we have chosen is from stock with highly sought-after bloodlines in the Angus breed.”


Continuing in layman’s terms she explained, “We also have several heifers we have had artificially inseminated with sexed semen.”


Sexed semen is preselected by microbiologically examining the DNA chain to either be male or female. If you’re unfamiliar with it, sexed semen is purchased based on the concentration of sperm cells it contains for a particular gender. For example, 90% heifer semen means it contains at least that percentage of heifer sperm cells, meaning you’ve got at least a 90% chance of getting a heifer. The sexed semen should ensure that they all have heifer calves.


Using both of these methods, artificial insemination and embryo transplant, will help us…

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