Dixie Humane Society: Marion County’s Gain

By Carla Bass –Staff Writer

Marion County is lucky to have one caring lady by the name of Carolyn Wedding, who with the help of businesses holding adoption events, benefactors, donors, and volunteers, has put in place a “no kill shelter” in Jefferson. It is for those animals which have been neglected, abused, tossed out down a backwoods road with no food or shelter, or left behind when a good parent could no longer care for them due to their owner’s age, death, or change in living conditions.

Funds for the Dixie Humane Society are primarily donations, and that takes time and money to produce a fully functional facility. Please understand when she tells you there is “no room in the inn”. If you can temporarily foster an animal until room is available, she will even provide the food to help with its upkeep until space can be arranged. They are supplemented by the City of Jefferson.

The Dixie Humane Society is a “no kill shelter”; meaning that if an animal is in any condition to be rehabilitated, socialized, and found an adoptive family, they are kept until those conditions are met. The only way an animal there is euthanized is if it poses a danger to others by being so aggressive, or if it is in such poor health that medical attention would not help, it would be an act of cruelty to keep it alive.

This piece is in memory of those former pets or animals without owners carried to other places or picked up by animal control, which have crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to neglect, going to a kill shelter, or abuse of owners…


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