Safer streets No accident, Tisdale says

By Bob Palmer

Jimplecute Editor


tisdaleIn the months since Anna Tisdale allegedly tripped over a parking meter stub, her husband Dan has championed a call to remove pedestrian barriers from Jefferson streets and sidewalks.
Tuesday, Dan Tisdale carried his message of a coordinated community effort to realize his dream to the Jefferson City Council.
“Anna is on her death bed,” Tisdale told the council. “With the dear price we are paying, it does afford the City the opportunity to advance the cause and make our charming, historic city safer and more accessible, to folks even like Greg Abbott, our Governor, and private citizens like Mary Biggs and many others who have to walk with assistance.”
Tisdale offered the council a multi-step plan to improve city foot traffic.
Step one would be to identify hazards such as old parking meter posts cut off above the surface of the sidewalk, broken and irregular sidewalk joints, and the jumble of signs and merchandise displays on sidewalks.
Priority lists then could be developed and city codes either enforced or amended to remedy problems.
Tisdale urged the city develop a “logical and practical sequence for execution.”
“We can find reasons not to address the pedestrian safety issue and ‘may’ hold the store owners responsible for the repairs, leaving no one liable for injuries on our sidewalks,” Tisdale said in a prepared statement.
Upcoming events were not lost on the speaker who still goes by his Vietnam War nickname, “Chopper Dan.”
“What do we have planned for when people fall this weekend during Mardi Gras,” Tisdale asked. “I challenge the city to advance the cause and improve the safety of our streets and sidewalks.”
Tisdale spoke during the public comment portion of the council meeting when aldermen and staff are not expected to respond.

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