Letter to the Editor | February 23, 2017

“Our reach should exceed our grasp.” Robert Browning

…or as a well known consultant on Creativity put it, “when we solve today’s problems, we only restore yesterdays equilibrium.” With each problem comes an opportunity to advance the cause.

Anna and I would love to fix the physical and financial problems we’ve had since she was injured last September after stumbling on an old hitching post in the sidewalk on Lafayette Street. The point here is that even if the City were to write us a check for the claim that was rejected back in December that would only fix the financial issue. The physical part is beyond repair. Anna is on her death bed. With the dear price we are paying, it does afford the City the opportunity to advance the cause and make our charming historic city safer and more accessible, to folks even like Greg Abbott, our Governor, and private citizens like Mary Biggs and many others who have to walk with assistance.
Anna and I lived here for three years, sixteen years ago. The police protection was good, as was the fire protection; but the pedestrian safety was poor. Today the police and fire protection are excellent–in fact the fire department arrived just in the nick of time recently to save my little frame house on North Alley from burning. Yet the pedestrian safety is still poor at best. We can find reasons not to address the pedestrian safety issue and “may” hold the store owners responsible for the repairs, leaving no one liable for injuries on our sidewalks.


This weekend someone is going to fall; what improvements are underway or being planned to prevent it? Making it safer for them is the only protection they have, other than staying away.


I challenge the City to advance the cause, and aspire to improve the safety and accessibility of our streets and sidewalks.


How can I help?


“Chopper Dan” Tisdale
Advocate for Safer Streets and Sidewalks for Jefferson, TX

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