It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Early days
Lyndon Johnson often said the biggest mistake he made as President was failing to clean house when he took over following the assassination of John Kennedy. The Kennedy holdovers, particularly Bobby Kennedy, fueled Johnson’s inferiority complex which was in a continual state of conflict with his massive ego. When key decisions had to be made, Johnson did not have the people he knew and trusted at his side, but East Coast elitists
looking down their condescending noses at him across the cabinet table.

Make a note. Post it on the refrigerator. This is one mistake Donald Trump has not committed.

Trump’s purge of upper echelon Washington makes sense, along with most of his other moves.

The new Prez seems to mix well with other world leaders and plays nicely with them.

Hitting the pause button on immigration from terror centers like Sudan makes sense. Taking 90 days to get Trump’s team on the ground and sorting out what sort of open door policy the Obama folks left behind is a good idea.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has always been and always be a liberal circus…


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