Letter to the Editor | February 9, 2017

In 1974, I joined SWEPCO as a student engineer, and since then I have seen our company grow along with the customers and communities we serve. Today, I work as a Process Improvement Manager, which involves leading our employees in making SWEPCO more efficient and effective. This is part of an ongoing commitment to serving customers with safe, reliable and affordable power.

Recently SWEPCO proposed a rate increase, mainly to pay for additional environmental controls at four of our power plants to meet federal regulations. The new equipment allows these plants, including the nearby Pirkey Plant at Hallsville, to continue providing reliable 24/7 power for our customers. Our request also includes funds for additional tree trimming to further reduce outages, along with building, maintaining and operating our power plants, and transmission and distribution equipment. The Public Utility Commission of Texas has begun their review of our request.


From more than 30 years of experience working with our customers, I know a rate increase is not easy on the budget for families or businesses. But I also know that we are working hard every day to provide excellent customer service and to manage our costs. The proposed rate change will help us provide cleaner, reliable power and a stronger electric system for our Texas customers.

Richard Turner, SWEPCO


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