A Little Bit of History…

Contributed by Imogene Bass

The First United Methodist Church has a history which goes along with the Pancake Supper they will be hosting on Monday, February 13, 2017 from 5 until 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of the Church.


The Builders Class was formed for young couples in the Sunday School program at First United Methodist. The Pancake Supper originated over 60 years ago, and was held in the basement of sanctuary, where at that time there housed a kitchen and rooms prior to the building of the Fellowship Hall in 1958.


Southwestern Electric Power Company provided the grills and personnel to flip the pancakes and class members assisted with the preparation and serving of the meal.


Several years later, Swepco decided to discontinue this service. The class wondered how they were going to meet the challenge of carrying on their tradition. Weldon Morris studied the procedures of how to prepare and cook the pancakes on the grill.


The Builders Class purchased the two grills from Swepco for $250.


Mixing large quantities of pancake batter by hand was not easy; therefore, Jimmy Gamble designed a blade that would fit an electric drill that made the mixing easier.


Monies received from the Pancake Supper have assisted in special events of the church throughout the years.


Things have changed over the years. All but two or three are gone now. There isn’t a count on the number of pancakes they will be cooking, but there will be 41 pounds of bacon fried on the grill during the day before the pancake supper that evening.

The Boy Scouts will be on hand to help with serving the supper.

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