Looking for a light at the end of the construction…. ….And not headed straight toward another car in the opposing lane!

By Carla Bass – Staff Writer
Note: Before having a chance to publish this article, TxDOT listened to the concerns and addressed the issues that were raised almost immediately. The concrete barricades have to remain in place for the safety of the workers. The striping was redone down the middle. This made it more obvious as to where the middle of the highway is divided. Other striping was extended further, and it appears that the cones were moved to more understandable positions.

What this has done, is to show that change can be accomplished by going at things the right way, and people working together to get concerns addressed by contacting the right people; not just complaining and doing nothing. A thank you to the Atlanta and Marshall offices might very well be in order.

“Who is in charge of the construction, or at least the traffic flow on the overpass project? The kids and I were maybe 2 inches from being side-swiped by an oncoming 18-wheeler. That was too close of a call! They need to do something before someone gets hurt or worse,” commented Joyce Rutz of Jefferson, on Wednesday evening, February 1.

The construction on the Highway 59 overpass construction is a very common topic of conversation with residents who have to travel that area at this time on a daily basis. After hearing and seeing so many “near misses” occurring on the issue, a discussion was held with Marcus Sandifur, of the Public Information Office at the Texas Department of Transportation on Thursday morning. Questions were raised concerning the public’s fears; referencing the length of time left on the project, along with possible suggestions to alleviate some of the added dangers in an already dangerous traffic situation such as lane widths, speed, and striping.

There is a “light at the end of that project” for the public…

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