It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

No. 45
I can’t tell you when I watched as much of the Inauguration Day festivities as I did Friday. I saw oaths, parades and bands. What I saw was good.

Donald John Trump gave one of the better inauguration speeches in some time. It may not fit on the same history page as John Kennedy or Abe Lincoln, but he stressed the things we hold in common while stroking issues that fueled his victory.


I had three takeaways from the new president’s remarks.


1. If Trump had sounded more like this on the campaign trail, I would have been happy to have voted for him rather than simply voting against Hillary.


2. People who found objections to Trump’s remarks tell you more about themselves than about Trump. The division in this country reflected by this election is not Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative, but flyover states and the two coasts. Those living on the Atlantic and Pacific shores have different ideas than those of us in the center of the country. That’s fine. People with differing views can still work together. But these elites hold us and our ideas in contempt. Their preening, unwarranted sense of superiority is what brought about the Trump Revolution and their defeat.


3. London editorial writers are already deriding Trump’s remarks…

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