It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Fake news
In “Operation Mincemeat,” author Ben MacIntyre explained a ruse British intelligence executed to perfection several times during World War II. The easiest way to sell a lie, according to MI-5, is to tell one the other guy is pre-disposed to believe.


Hitler thought D-Day would target Calais, so that’s what British agents told him. In the operation central to Mincemeat, Hitler expected the Allies to strike Greece after chasing Rommel out of North Africa.

Off the coast of Spain, the Brits dropped a body wearing the uniform of a Royal Marine major with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist containing papers alluding to an attack on a place where Gen. Alexander could get fresh sardines. Anyone guess Sardinia? Hitler sure did.


German armored divisions rushed to Greece. Later, Nazi generals wished the tanks had been sent to Sicily where Allied landings occurred.


It seems the Russians read the book, too, or at least knew the story. Their antics in social-media crazy America during the last election played Facebookers and bloggers like a balalaika.



Russian propaganda sites like RT and Sputnik concocted fake news, usually incorporating some actual facts gleaned from the Associated Press or mainstream media with a slant slamming their target. In most cases the one with the bull’s eye on her pantsuit was Hillary Clinton.



Those who were ready to believe anything negative about Hillary from murdering Vince Foster to criminal activities while Secretary of State would re-post fake stories which would then be shared and chuckled over.


Two things remain unclear…

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