Opportunity for New Year’s Resolution Results; Weight Watcher’s Class Available Locally

Around Thanksgiving, a group made up mostly from school personnel started a new Weight Watchers group. The group meets weekly at the Jefferson Elementary School at the end of the day on Thursday afternoons.

The “Beyond the Scale” eating plan, as supported by Oprah Winfrey, is the program they are using. No longer do they set a target weight for you, as you set your own goal. When you reach your attainable goal, you re-evaluate and set the next goal for yourself.
It is a 12 week program and must have 18 members attending to continue. It is open to the public, not just school related personnel.

This first 12 week program will end in February. If more people are interested, it can be extended. The initial cost is $156 for the 12 weeks of class. Those who join late will be given a prorated fee that averages around $12-15 per week.

During the summer they might continue to meet at the school if there are enough participating; otherwise, members would have to attend meetings in Marshall.

The fee includes internet access to E-Tools to track your foods and find point values online.

Members begin to arrive after 3:30 p.m., with weigh-in starting at 4:00 p.m. Loretta Waldrop conducts the meetings, and they are over by 5:00 p.m.

Local contact for the Weight Watchers group is JISD Head Nurse, Dora Whatley, located on the Jefferson Elementary campus.

You can reach her at 903-665-2461, Option 5, or you can wait for the option that asks if you know the person’s extension.

(Please contact us today for a print or email subscription to the Jefferson Jimplecute! — (903) 665-2462, JIMPLECUTE1848@GMAIL.COM)

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