New Year’s Eve Party: A great time had by all

Courtesy of COMC
The crowd put on their dancing shoes and celebrated New Year’s Eve at the COMC Building on December 31, 2016. Friends enjoyed a night of fun and dance to a great mix of all-time favorite tunes, performed by Landry & Company. Mary Spearmon even stepped to the microphone to join the band in several songs.

Landry & Company is a 3-piece family band that played their own style of classic rock, blues, funk, and country. The band consists of 19 year-old Landry Wilkinson on guitar, 13 year-old little brother, Cardis Wilkinson, on bass and keyboards, and Dad Steve Wilkinson on drums.


There was a great mix of music with an edgy classic rock/bluesy sound!


Everyone enjoyed a count down and New Year’s toast with champagne. Tom Michaels from 98Rocks in Shreveport had this to say about the party, “We really enjoyed ourselves at the COMC New Years Eve party. Thank you all for the dancing award. I’m far from being a dancer. Teri likes to dance, so I dance with her all she wants. We have fun. We make the best of every moment, where ever we go. Makin’ memories is what it’s all about, with us. Everything at the party was great! Good food (and plenty of it), beverages, very good band, great decorations (wow!) and we made friends with more folks from Jefferson (a place we love visiting often).


Teri and Tom Michaels won the competition for “Best Dance Couple”. Having a bit of fun, the committee awarded the “Best Dressed Jefferson Chic” to…

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