It’s Like This By Bob Palmer


On Jan. 16, the nation observes Martin Luther King Day. A fitting way for us to remember the famous civil rights leader is for us – and I do mean all of us – agree Black Lives Matter. We should adopt the mantra without asterisks, buts, ands, or any other diminishing modifier.

I also happen to think police lives matter, white lives matter, Hispanic lives matter and lives belonging to any US resident. But on this day, this day when we confront how far we have lapsed in realizing a dream meant for all, the call should be, Black Lives Matter.

Some of you may question why black lives should be singled out. Are they more important than people of other races? Are they entitled to some sort of PR niche? Is this some “Get out of Jail” card?

The answer is too often black lives have not mattered. Of course there was slavery and the Civil War. In the early 1900s, lynching was prevalent across the South. Race riots where blacks were hunted down and killed occurred in cities across the US.

In more recent days…

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