Marion County Jail Report

Samuel Conner Blanchard, Hawkins, 57, charged with driving while intoxicated. Bond set at $7,500.

Samuel Lewayne Brown, Marshall, 29, charged with possession of marijuana <2 oz. Held without bond.

Michael Henry Cossman, Jefferson, 51, charged with misc. traffic offense, sex offenders duty to register . Bond was set at $7,000.

Royce Londell Douglas, Jr., Jefferson, 43, charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon, bond forfeiture. Held pending $10,000 bond.


Kevin Paul Green, Jefferson, 27, charged with Class C misdemeanor, theft > $20. Held pending $200 fine.


Marc Allen High, Omaha, 46, charged with criminal mischief > $750 <$2,500, theft of property < $100 with previous conviction. Held without bond.

Darla Jene Lilly, Hallsville, 49, charged with interfering with a public servant. Bond set at $1,500.


Edward Lyles, Florida, 44, charged with public intoxication. Held pending $300 fine.


Michael Scott McPhail, Longview, 28, charged with assault of a public servant, resisting arrest or search, public intoxication. Held pending bonds totaling $13,000.


Ashley Nichole Silcott, Jefferson, 29, charged with possession of marijuana < 2 oz. Bond set at $1,500.


Michael Donald Takhvar, Jefferson, 44, charged with aggravated assault date/family/ house with weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia. Held pending $20,500 in bonds.


Daveon Willis, Texarkana, 25, charged with possession of marijuana < 2 oz. and five Class C misdemeanors. Held pending $2,400 in fines.


James Stanley Barr, Panama City Beach, Fla., 36, charged with driving while license invalid. Held without bond.


David Lee Johns, Jefferson, 40, charged with assault family/ house member violence. Held pending $15,000 bond.


Phillip Wayne Knoble, Harleton, 66, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, obstruction or retaliation, unlawfully carrying a weapon. Held pending $260,000 in bonds.


Michael Joe Naron, Lone Star, 40, charged with burglary of a habitation. Bond set at $10,000.

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