It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

New Year’s resolutions, if only
The start of a new year always brings new resolve to lose weight or make healthy life style changes. Quite a few folks decide about career changes or goals. Some opt for resolutions they know they can keep, like eating fewer chocolate covered oysters in 2017. I’ve decided on a completely new approach for this January. Instead of saddling myself with unattainable goals, I’ll make resolutions for other people. Let them keep the guilt of not fulfilling their assigned resolution.

2017 Resolutions
Barack Obama: Resolves to disappear. Obama vows to follow the lead of both Bushes and stay out of politics for at least a year.

Donald Trump: Resolves to spend more time on the golf course. Once the team is in place, he hopes to turn matters like running the country over to the staff and take a little time off.


Brian Hughes: Resolves to act like a Senator. Now that he is a member of the Club of 32, Hughes must learn balance to go with the hard right politics he practiced in the Texas House of Representatives.


Tony Romo: Resolves to play another year. It probably just won’t be with the Cowboys. Tony did win the “Good Guy” award this year and will be remembered with more affection than many were willing to accord earlier, but it is time to move on.


Hillary Clinton: Resolves to buy a cook book.


Gen. David Petraeus: Resolves to quit getting his hopes up.


Rick Perry: Resolves to remember the name of the department he is supposed to run in the Trump Administration. Let’s give him a hint. It begins with E, Rick.


Johnny Manziel: Resolves to pass a course without paying someone to take the test for him.


Ted Cruz: Resolves to enroll…

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