Weekly Devotional | December 22, 2016

Missing Christmas
How sad it is to wake up and realize that you missed Christmas. I know that it is unlikely to miss December 25th, but so many miss the real reason of this Christmas time. The Bible records several individuals that were totally unaware of the true meaning of Jesus’ birth.

One group that missed out was the inn keepers. When we read Luke’s account, we can get the impression that there were several inns in the area that were full that night with travelers to Bethlehem for the Roman census. The Son of God was born right under their
noses but in their anxiety with the census, they were unaware to it all.
The Bible doesn’t give us any indication that they were hostile or even
unsympathetic. In their hectic lives it just became a question of priority.
They didn’t get together and fight to keep Jesus out. Neither did
they vote Him out. They just CROWDED Him out.
Another person that missed out was King Herod. History records
that Herod was a ruthless cold-blooded ruler. Herod ordered all male
children two years old and younger killed in Bethlehem. Herod failed
in killing the Christ child only because Joseph and Mary had taken Jesus
and fled to Egypt after being warned by the angel of God. So Herod
missed Christmas. It was because of his fear that someone else would
take his throne. He passed up an opportunity to meet and come to
know the KING OF KINGS. There are Herod types in our society even
today. There are still people who won’t allow anything to interfere with
their career, position, power, ambition, plans, or their lifestyle. They’re
not about to let someone else be KING of their lives.
One last group that missed Christmas was the religious leaders of
the day. Herod gathered together all the chief priests and scribes of the
people and began to inquire of them where the Christ was to be born.
They missed Christmas. How is that possible? It was their religion that
made this happen. They lived in Jerusalem which was the center of all
religious activity in Israel. The Temple was there and everyone who
wanted to make a sacrifice had to come to Jerusalem. They were busy
worshiping the right God but in the wrong way. Even today religious
people can be the hardest to reach with the good news of Christmas
and the Gospel. The message of Christmas is that God loved us so much
that He wanted a relationship with each of us. Any religious activity that
doesn’t lead a person to a deeper walk with God is a waste of time.
Several people missed that first Christmas. The innkeepers were so


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