Lloyd’s Recognized by City, State, and National Leaders

By Carla Bass – Staff Writer

administratorJack and Huline Lloyd were honored with a reception and the dedication of marker to indicate the location of the longstanding Dairy Queen that Lloyd operated in Jefferson for so many years on Broadway Street.

This week their grandson, Chad Shaw, shared with the Jimplecute many of the pictures and the documents the family received honoring the event.

Senator Ted Cruz sent a letter in recognition of the occasion. He remarked, “Jack and Huline both worked to their best to others every method the Lord had put before them. Whether leaving Texas to build ships for our nation’s defense, or the years spent making Dairy Queen a place for families and friends to gather and dine; all they have done represents the best of Texas.”

Representative Chris Paddie issued a Resolution from The State of Texas, closing with the tribute, “RESOLVED, That tribute be paid to the memory of Huline Lloyd and that Jack Lloyd be extended sincere appreciation for his and his wife’s myriad good works and acts of kindness.”

The City of Jefferson presented a proclamation declaring that Saturday, December 10, 2016 be designated as “Huline and Jack Lloyd Day”.

Governor Greg Abbott commissioned Jack as an honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy in honor of the time he and Huline spent during World War II in Bremerton, Washington.


They had relocated there to build ships for our Navy after he was declared unfit for service in the time of war, due to being blind in one eye. He also sent a declaration commissioning Huline as a “Yellow Rose of Texas.”

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