Good Shepherd Medical Center ranked nationally for excellence

Good Shepherd Medical Center has received the 2017 quality award rankings from CareChex® – an information service of Quantros, Inc. These rankings listed Good Shepherd Medical Center as #1 in the Market for Medical Excellence in Overall Hospital Care, Overall Medical Care and Overall Surgical Care.

“CareChex has regularly recognized Good Shepherd Medical Center as a top-tier hospital in the region, state and nation,” said Steve Altmiller, Good Shepherd Health System president and chief executive officer.

“The quality care we give patients each day has led us to being ranked first in our marketing 23 Medical Excellence categories and 24 Patient Safety criteria.’

Good Shepherd was ranked in the Top 100 hospitals in the Nation for Medical Excellence in the following areas:
• Overall Hospital Care
• Overall Medical Care
• Overall Surgical Care
• Cardiac Care
• Gallbladder Removal
• Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
• General Surgery
• Heart Attack Treatment
• Heart Failure Treatment
• Interventional Coronary Care
• Orthopedic Care
• Pneumonia Care
• Spinal Fusion
• Spinal Surgery
• Vascular Care

For many of the categories, including Overall Hospital Care, Overall Medical Care, Orthopedic Care and Spinal Surgery, Good Shepherd has ranked in the top 10 percent of hospitals nationwide for more than five years.

Good Shepherd also ranked in the Top 5 hospitals in the state for Medical Excellence in
the following areas:

• Overall Hospital Care – #2
• Heart Attack Care – #2
• Pneumonia Care – #2
• Overall Medical Care – #4
• Cardiac Care – #4
• Heart Failure Treatment -#4
• Orthopedic Care – #4
• Vascular Surgery – #4
• Gall Bladder Removal – #5
• General Surgery – #5


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