It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Good ol’ Baylor line

Suits who run things like armies, colleges, grade schools and the NCAA share a common approach to discipline.


Instead of dealing with systemic failures, a scapegoat is found.


If you have a problem, find someone quick to smear with blame and punish that person so bad no one will want to commit that transgression again. Or at least, you hope everyone else quits misbehaving.


As matters stand, the University of Baylor is being measured for a scapegoat costume. What went on at Baylor is bad enough and merits punishment, but I think Baylor is not the only university where a rape culture has taken over.


If you are sitting there telling yourself that sort of thing can not go on at your school, you are talking to a fool.


Some of the activity flew under the radar as a sort of hazing ritual, according to published reports. Freshmen brought dates to a party where the girls were drugged and raped by upper classmen. Some festivities were videoed and shown around campus.


Even Baylor gold bloods desperate…


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