It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

By Carla Bass

christmasTammy Hill, along with her daughter-in-law Deisi (Daisy) Hill, have had a hand in making Jefferson look a lot like Christmas.

City Drug is one of their 70 clients for which they paint Christmas scenes on the windows of businesses.

Catching them on Monday, they were just in the beginning stages of the front façade’ of City Drug.

The holly boughs were roughed in, as were the trees and wreaths.


Tammy began painting window scenes in 1983 with only 5 clients, and now has 70 clients across East Texas.

For the last 5 years, she has had Deisi to assist her. She describes Deisi as a true artist who does mainly indoor mural and as portrait artist. She describes herself as a cartoonist.


In telling how she got started she shared, “Back in ’83 I was working at the Dairy Queen in Gilmer. I was always doodling on the order pads, and my boss asked if I would be interested in painting the windows there for the Christmas Season.”

And so she began. Then someone from ABC Auto Parts saw the work on the Dairy Queen and asked, “Would you consider doing our windows?” and she did.

She does not have to advertise, as her work and simply word of mouth has grown her seasonal business to where it is now.

The seasonal artwork is in Sulphur Springs, Tyler, Lindale, Marshall, Henderson, Longview, Gilmer, and now Jefferson. There are a few customers who have also had her do Easter and Valentine’s Day scenes on their storefronts.

Many of their assignments are in small towns, and about the size of City Drug. They can complete three jobs about that size in one day. On Sunday, they completed Hyundai of Longview, which she described as huge. It took a complete day to put the finishing touches on the scene there.

When asked what paint she uses to do the artwork, she replied that they use high-gloss acrylic exterior paint.

They mix their own colors from the basic primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, toning or lightening with white or black.

The palettes they used…

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