Weekly Devotional | November 17, 2016

Hope for today
deckerClay Center, Kansas – When we look at the state of America through the lens of news headlines it is not very buoyant. And if our news sources supposedly reflect the true nature of our country then I must say they are only getting half the story.

Typically, alongside the daily bad news they report stories about efforts to turn our country around through elections, new laws, religion, education, conferences, summits, awareness campaigns, improved research and analysis, healthcare, poverty relief, volunteerism, social justice and much more. Yet, America continues to decline and the world with it. All these attempts are good things. They have made pockets of progress and been a genuine help. However, they are lacking and temporal at best. The Scriptures give us the answer saying, “There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Jesus is the person in which America’s future rests. When we leave Him out of our efforts for change we do so to our peril.

Prayer is one practical way in which we can bring Jesus into the middle of our nation’s woes. Prayer in His name can do the impossible. People are seeing this and during 2016 our
national prayer life has grown exponentially. This year we have seen news worthy movements of prayer that have largely been ignored by most of America’s top news outlets. Here are the ones I am aware of: Azusa Now; United Cry; Burlington, North Carolina revival; Harvest America; Decision America Tour; West Virginia revival; The 8-8-8 God Speaking Initiative; Together 2016; The Gathering and Cry Out. I am confident there are more. It is no stretch to say these events have reached millions in America and across the world. Though unconnected they have four things that unite them. 1) The United  States is in a moral and spiritual decline. 2) The rate of decline is a cause for serious alarm. 3) There is only one solution – Jesus. 4) We must seek Jesus in prayer and go announce Him anew boarder to boarder.

These gatherings are producing large swaths of people, scattered all across the nation, to call upon Jesus. They are calling out…


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