Letter to the Editor | November 17, 2016

Letter to the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AD Antwain Jimmerson and fine coaching staff at JISD, the parents of our Bulldog Team, and most importantly for the young men themselves who are the Jefferson Bulldogs, for the gentlemanly and chivalrous actions shown by them at last Friday’s game. Coaches and parents have played such a role in making these young men into the caring individuals that they are.

Whether you missed or witnessed the sideline action the other night, I’m sure it was entertaining. In trying to get that perfect shot of our team taking down their ball carrier on the sidelines, it went further out of bounds than I expected and I ended up “taking one for the team”. Other than a couple of scrubs on my hands and some sore muscles for a few days, I was okay. The thing that impressed me was that just about as soon as I was downed, they were all clambering to get me back upright, hugging me from that point until after the game was over, and questioning me over and over as to “whether I was okay”.

Repeatedly, they would tell me, “You can’t be hurt Mrs. Bass, you’ve got to be here to take our pictures!” I don’t believe I’ve ever received so many hugs and well-wishes from such
a thoughtful group of young men in my life. I appreciate and love each of them as though they were my family, and they all have made me feel like I was a part of the team.

Put your full support behind these guys each week in their pursuit of their high school dreams to become State Champions, as the Bulldog Team and Coaches are a part of my heart and have my undying support that they can “Achieve what they believe!”

Heartfelt thanks,

Carla Bass

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