It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Election cuff notes

Last week’s Presidential Election should answer all questions about why we need the Electoral College.

I know many abroad, including Russia’s President Putin, and many at home find the Electoral College an awkward and archaic way to pick a president, but I think the wisdom of the Founding Fathers has demonstrated the value of this method over simpler, more direct methods.

If the winner were determined strictly by popular vote, Hillary Clinton would be President-elect chatting on the sofa with Barack Obama and smiling for the cameras. Clinton received 48 percent of the votes to Donald Trump’s 47 percent, about a 400,000 vote difference.

Utilizing the Electoral College formula is preferable, not because it made Trump the winner, but because it ensures the winner carries most of the country along with him or her. The authors of the Constitution envisioned an alliance of 13 independent states. The Electoral College represents that thinking. A candidate must win states as well as votes. Although the college may have begun life as an anti-democratic step in the political process, it has become a way of helping the person chosen as president achieve a consensus larger than one region or class.

One of the post-election tidbits that shocked me is Trump received fewer votes than Mitt Romney in 2012 and Clinton received many fewer than Obama.

I thought the turnout was large. We certainly have enthusiastic early voting in this part of the world, but somewhere the fire went out.

This under-vote may have been a key reason the polls got it wrong. Trump said all along the polls were wrong and events proved him right.

Clinton says the \re-opened e-mail investigation sank her campaign. Undoubtedly, FBI Director James Comey’s decision to take a fresh look at Clinton’s e-mails played a roll, but it was not the only factor.

From where I watched events unfold Tuesday night at Marion County Election Central, sometimes known as Auntie Skinner’s Bar, the prevailing wisdom was people voted their pocket books.

The 25 percent boost in health insurance premiums must have rattled some cages.

Clinton Inc.’s record of pay for play and loose economic scruples certainly raised questions in many minds. I also think the Obama Administration’s crusade for gays ahead of any national consensus on the issue tied anvils to Hillary’s ankles. Bathroom choices based on the mood of the moment may have been the last straw for what some may call a morality vote while I thought it was a last clutch at a sanity life preserver.

Republicans like to huff and puff about the kids in the street indulging in temper tantrums because their candidate didn’t win. Republicans blow up their chests and announce they didn’t riot when Obama won.

No, Republicans in Congress have spent the…

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