Movie Review | Doctor Strange”2016″

by Mica Wilhite

doc-strange“Doctor Strange” is cinematic eye candy. The film captures the audience’s attention with the opening scenes that flow like M.C. Escher’s drawings brought to life. Overall, the film is part “Harry Potter”, part “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, and part “The Matrix” that is altogether a visually progressive movie that is not like any film already in the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU).

Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is a Marvel character that debuted in July 1963. A silver screen film adaption of his character has been in the works since 1986 but only now made it into theaters. Premiering in Hong Kong on October 13, it is already considered possibly the best origin stories in the MCU.

“Doctor Strange” has more going for it than just stunning visual effects. Marvel fans know that Doctor Strange and his comrades protect the supernatural world in the same way The Avengers protect the physical world. This focus on the spiritual realm leaves room in the script for some familiar truths. For example, when the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) enlightens Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), “It’s not about you,” she is using the first sentence in Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life.

Also, Cumberbatch’s day-to-day banter with the new librarian preserves the “comic” part of the comic book story, even for non-MCU fans. And the musical score, composed by 2009 Oscar-winner Michael Giacchino, already has 2017 Oscar buzz. Google “Doctor Strange musical score” and you will be able to listen to it for yourself.

“Doctor Strange” (130 minutes) is showing at the Marshall Cinema with a PG-13 rating for violence and action. Call (903) 935-5662 or visit for a full list of show times. “Forget everything that you think you know” about protecting the world from evil and save a piece of your space-time continium to see “Doctor Strange” in a theater soon.

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