Weekly Devotional | November 3, 2016

Why Read the Bible?

Seth Buchner picOften we are told at church that we are should read our Bibles. Why? What makes this so necessary? Can’t I just go to church and get the same result? Here are several reasons why you should read for yourself.

First, it brings wisdom. The Bible is stuffed full of words of wisdom. It holds wisdom about our finances, our future, our families….everything. When we get wisdom, we do better in every area of our life.

Second, it helps us with sin and temptations. Let’s face it, we all struggle with this every day of our lives. That is where the Bible comes in. When we read the Scriptures, it strengthens us to overcome temptation.

Third, reading your Bible brings peace. In the business of our daily lives, things can get out of control. Reading the Bible brings everything back into perspective, and allows us to focus our attention on what is truly important.

Fourth, the Bible gives direction. Do you feel like you are wandering about and feeling pretty useless? When we read the Bible, God speaks to us, and our purpose can be located within the pages of the Scriptures. His words can give us a route to follow, for the long haul or a temporary situation.

Fifth, it builds a relationship…

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