Marion County Jail Report

Marcus Lamont Allen, Marshall, 23, charged with criminal mischief. Held pending $5,000 bond.

Deshanna Lynett Brown, Jefferson, 43, charged with prohibited substance or item in a correctional facility. Held without

Jonathon Lee Buenting, Ben Wheeler, Tex., 27, charged with driving while intoxicated. Bond set at $1,500.

Mark Ross Connolly, Benson, 30, charged with driving while intoxicated second offense. Bond set at $4,000.

Chase Cameron Cooper, Jefferson, 22, assault causes bodily injury family violence. Held pending $5,000 bond.

Janet Allborty Louise Cooper, Jefferson, 54, charged with driving while intoxicated. Bond set at $1,500.

Ommy Jean Cooper, Marshall 23, charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a controlled substance, and a Class C misdemeanor. Held pending $80,500 in bonds.

Evelyn Denise Elliott, Gladewater, 57, charged with assault causes bodily injury family violence, driving while intoxicated. Held on the DWI charge.

Jimmy Jerry Fisher, Deberry, Tex., 67, charged with driving while intoxicated. Held without bond.

Daphane Denise George, Marshall, 36, charged with seven Class C misdemeanors. Bonds totaled $3,525.

Jeffery Wayne Harper, Jefferson, 56, charged with credit card abuse. Bond set at $25,000.

Desmon Lacharles Jones, Naples, 32, charged with driving while intoxicated, evading arrest. Held without bond.

Joseph Lynn Morris, Ore City, 31, charged with assault causes bodily injury family violence release or surety. Held without bond.

Lindsey Rene Olsen, Tyler, 27, charged with evading arrest, assault of a public servant, resisting arrest, failure to identify as a fugitive, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Held pending $30,000 in bonds.

Ricky Lynn Sims, Karnack, 64, charged with driving while intoxicated. Bond set at $1,500.

Charlie Weldon Smith, Jr., Jefferson, 61, charged with driving while intoxicated third or more offense. Bond set at $7,500.

Christopher Leon Thurman, Jefferson,28, charged with two counts of evading arrest. Held without bond.

Tiffany Shanee Wilson, Jefferson, 34, charged with assault family violence. Held without bond.

Robert Christopher Young, Karnack, 43, charged with assault family/household member, previous conviction. Held pending $10,000 bond.

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