Weekly Devotional | October 27, 2016

Left to Himself
Seth Buchner picProverbs 29:15 says “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.” Many people say they are just going to trust their children completely, but I believe that almost always is a critical mistake. One of our primary responsibilities as parents is to make sure our kids stay safe. A child left to his own devices is not safe, and is open for the Devil to do his work in the heart.

To begin with, children should not decide whether they go to church or not. In a era when fewer teens and youth are in church, we need parents to step up and bring their children to the place of worship. Mom and Dad, do not be afraid to lead your children in spiritual decisions. In the Buckner house, it is not up for debate whether we are going to church or not. Parents, you should set the example of church going for them to follow.

Also, every parent needs to know their children’s friends. I remember as a teenager my parents telling me that I could not be friends with certain people. At the time it seemed harsh, but now I understand that they showed great wisdom and love. I can see how those people turned out, and am thankful that my parents protected me from their influence. Don’t be afraid to choose who your children hang around.

I believe that technology is destroying more kids…

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