Letter to the Editor | October 20, 2016


I’m writing to illuminate a glaring problem with the County Commissioner Glen Dorough. I live in Big Cypress Landing which MCR 3215 runs through. In fact, County Road 3215 is my northern property boundary.

The problem is that trees are growing approx. 18 feet within the road right of way on the opposite side of the road. The result of this is that anyone using the County Road is encouraged by Marion County to trespass by driving through my front yard. Property boundaries were determined 11 years ago when Big Cypress was plated. Marion County has used it’s tractors and personnel to remove barricades and bush hog portions of my property, but not clear the road right of way. Mr. Dorough has been made aware of this several years ago; his response has been “Who cares?” i.e. little talk and even less action! As of late he has not responded to a written appeal or return a phone call.

Bruce Ockrassa

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